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September 27, 2011 — Article

British speaker specialist Q Acoustics has announced a new speaker range called the 2000i Series.

Q Acoustics 2020i_white
Q Acoustics 2020i

The new range is described by the company’s category manager Tony Jones as: “Clearly our best ever range… and sonically the best affordable speakers ever produced.”

The speakers are intended to replace the 2000 Series and Q Acoustics says that that every part has been custom-designed using the latest breakthroughs in materials technology.

All models feature a new 25mm tweeter which uses a multilayer diaphragm material, as is mounted into the baffle using a ‘super-decoupling’ method.

The mid/bass units use an all-new new cone material which replaces the old paper/mica mix with ceramic coated paper and carbon fibre. The company says the new drivers deliver sweeter treble and improved imaging with a wider soundstage from the tweeter and a cleaner, more open sound with faster transients from the mid/bass drivers.

The crossovers have also been upgraded with terminals mounted on a recessed plate on the bottom of the cabinet.

Q Acoustics 2050i
Q Acoustics 2050i

The Q Acoustics 2000i speakers are available in a choice of standard black or walnut finishes or, for a premium price, piano black or white.

At the entry level of the range sits the 2010i bookshelf (£120 or £160 with premium finish), which uses 25mm tweeter and a single 10cm mid/bass driver.

Then comes the 2020i (£160 or £200), with a 12.5cm woofer and the 2050i floorstander (£420 or £550), which features the tweeter plus a pair of 16.5cm mid/bass drivers in a heavily braced cabinet that stands just over a metre tall.

To make up a full 5.1 system is the 2000Ci centre speaker (£105 or £130) which adds two 10cm mid/bass drivers to the tweeter and the 2070Si subwoofer (£250 or £300) which comes with a 140-watt amp and a pair of long-throw 17cm woofers.

Extra accessories include the 2000WB wall bracket (£17.50 each) and the ST2000 stands for £85 a pair.

Full 5.1-channel surround pack, including four 2010i speakers, the 2000Ci centre and the 2070si subwoofer will be available for £595 or £750 depending on the finish.

Q Acoustics 2010i package.jpg
Q Acoustics 2010i package

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