Q-TV2 2.1 System Boost Flat Panel Sound

July 27, 2009 — Article

Founded in 2006 Q Acoustics are a fairly new company in the market and have been going from strength to strength ever since.

The latest innovation is the Q-TV2 system which CineNow filmed at the beginning of the year and is intended to solve the problem with sound on today’s thinner screens.

With a simple clip on system the Q-TV2 is hidden at the back or the screen with no visible wires and uses 100 watt amplification, 2 x 25 watt speakers and a 50 watt subwoofer. This enhances the sound greatly and Q Acoustics are so confident that you will hear the difference they are shipping out to their dealers, units that can be switched between the two with a touch of a button.

The Q-TV2 is set to retail for £329.00 and is intended for use on 30" to 42" screens. A new bigger version is set for release in November cleverly named Q-TV2 X. This is set to have a more powerful subwoofer, upto 100 watt and is intended for 50" screens. The Q-QV3 is for 65" screens is intended for next year.

On board the unit you will find a analogue input and optical input for consoles and DVD/Blu ray players. A switch is also available depending on the screen going on the wall, free standing or corner, for more or less bass. There’s also lip sync adjust variable up to 180ms.

The subwoofer uses four Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drive units, with an additional pair in each of the satellite speakers. BMR drivers disperse the sound across a much wider axis than conventional speakers, giving you a wider soundstage across the room.

What about the Q-TV1 i hear you ask! Well this has not been made yet but is in production and is for smaller screens which can include PC monitors of 19"to 26".

Q Acoustics category manager Tony Jones, explained: “The whole Q Acoustics team is very excited about this new product because we think it’s going to be an outstanding success. In short, we believe we have a ‘world-beater’ on our hands.”

He continued: “There are millions of large flatscreen televisions sold every year, but sadly, whereas everyone agrees the picture quality they produce has been getting bigger and better, there can be few who would dispute the sound they deliver has become ‘thinner’ and worse.”

Mr Jones explained: “Q-TV2 is the perfect solution to this problem. It delivers a massive improvement over the TV’s own sound, yet is so discreet, we can reasonably describe it as ‘almost invisible’. All owners will see is an extremely slim, very stylish satellite speaker peeping out from either side of their TV. Importantly, what they absolutely won’t see, are any wires or what is probably the world’s slimmest subwoofer, at only 38mm deep, and attaches completely out of sight to the standard VESA sockets found on the back of every television.”

Q Acoustics Q-TV2: In Video

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