Q Acoustics New 2000 Speaker Series

September 14, 2009 — Article

Q Acoustics have launched an all new 2000 speaker series including two bookshelf speakers, floor standing speakers, centre speaker, a subwoofer and new 5.1 speakers package.

Armour Home category manager Tony Jones said: “Following the astonishing success of our original 1000 and 1000i ranges, we have again challenged the world’s most renowned loudspeaker designers to engineer a new range that delivers both unrivalled sonic performance and breathtaking value for money. We wanted the new 2000 Series to be the very best affordable loudspeakers ever produced.”

Q Acoustics 2010 Speakers

According to Tony Jones, every part of the new speakers is bespoke, optimised specifically for each new model. The tweeter, bass/midrange drivers, magnets, cone mass, cone rigidity, cone material, crossovers, terminal panel and fully braced cabinets.

If this was not enough for you the tweeter is isolated from the front baffle and, to further reduce distortion, its advanced 25mm micro polyester weave dome is ventilated both on the surround and on the dome itself.

Q Acoustics 2020 Speakers

The cone material of the new bass/midrange drivers is a paper/Mica mixture which was found, after extensive testing, to be the optimum material. To further optimise performance, the advanced design of each drive unit’s magnet incorporates aluminium compensation rings, reducing distortion through a reduction of inductance modulation.

Q Acoustics 2050 Floor standing Speakers

Laser spectrometry has been used to identify and then minimise cabinet resonances by the careful use of multi-thickness panels, internal bracing and damping materials.

To reduce colouration, all 2000 Series cabinets are rear ported. ‘Port bungs’ are provided, to optimise bass response when the speakers are positioned very close to a wall.

The 2070 subwoofer comes complete with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and has a class D amplification

The subwoofer’s twin 170mm bespoke drive units are driven by two matched mono power amplifiers, producing a combined 140 watts. However the switched mode power supply consumes a mere 2 watts when in ‘Standby’ mode.

The speakers are available in traditional ‘Graphite Black’ and ‘Walnut’ finishes, at a small extra cost, the new 2000 models are available in beautiful ‘Piano Gloss Black’ and ‘Piano Gloss White’ finishes.

Also the speaker cable terminals are mounted on a recessed plate on the bottom of each speaker (excluding the 2070 Subwoofer). Not only does this look far better, because there are no speaker cables protruding from the rear of the cabinet, but it also enables the speaker to be placed very close to a rear wall, without the speaker terminals or cable getting in the way.

The new Q Acoustics 2000 Series will be available from authorised stockists throughout the UK and worldwide from October 2009.

Recommended retail prices (inc vat):

Graphite black/Walnut, Piano Black/White

  • Model 2010 £109.90/£129.90 pr
  • Model 2020 £139.90/£159.90 pr
  • Model 2050 £369.90/£449.90 pr
  • Model 2000C £99.90/£119.90 ea
  • Model 2070 £229.90/£269.90 ea
  • Model 2000 5.1 Pack £549.90/£649.90 ea
  • Model 2000WB £15.90 ea

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