SoundCast OutCast 3.4 outdoor speaker

September 14, 2011 — Article

US manufacturer SoundCast has added multi-source and multi-room capabilities to its OutCast outdoor speaker system.

OutCast 3.4 with iPod dock

The new OutCast 3.4 allows you to stream up to three different music sources to four different locations around the home or garden, with a broadcast range of up to 300ft, and it’s all controlled by a backlit touchpad on top.

Battery life promises somewhere between 10-20 hours of play depending on how loud you have it.

You can connect it to both analogue and digital sources and the matching iCast dock allows easy hook-up with iPods and iPhones.

The SoundCast OutCast 3.4 is available now for $1,099 and there’s also a ‘Junior’ version for $799.

UK availability and prices are expected to be announced soon.

OutCast 3.4 in action

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