PMC’s AML2 monitors used to mix Elton John and Leon Russell

December 20, 2010 — Article

Elton John and Leon Russell’s new album, The Union, was mixed using PMC’s AML2 monitors.

PMC AML2 active monitors

Grammy Award-winning producer, T Bone Burnett and his long-time session engineer, Mike Piersante, recently completed work on the project at The Village Studios in LA.

T Bone Burnett was enthusiastic: “I love these speakers,” he said. “The AML2s are incredibly useful small speakers with great depth, clarity and volume.”

Piersante agreed: “The first mixes I heard on the AML2s revealed details that I had not heard before. They offer a high level of transparency and depth, and produce a much bigger and full-spectrum sound than you would think capable from such a compact design; they don’t need subwoofers.

“The AML2s get very loud with no distortion nor overload limiting – T Bone likes to listen real loud! But I can monitor at lower levels with the same degree of confidence; the clarity and definition are outstanding, with a broad stereo image and with amazing depth. There is no listener fatigue, even after long mixing sessions.”

The production version of the new AML2 active monitor uses a 6.5in flat piston woofer constructed from a carbon fibre/Nomex honeycomb that allows for large, controlled linear excursions and promises a linear response down to 33Hz. It inherits the legendary AML Series design and adds an EQ tilt, an enhanced power supply, and a revised cabinet structure with additional internal damping.

It also has a 1.3in soft-dome tweeter, a dual-driver layout features a low crossover frequency of 1.4 kHz and the onboard amplifier’s analogue circuit design is licensed from Bryston.

The PMC AML2 is now available in the UK for £6,750.

The Union

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