PMC Signature speakers

September 13, 2010 — Article

PMC is marking the tenth anniversary of its TB2 and FB1 speakers with the launch of Signature versions of the latest TB2i and FB1i incarnations.

The limited edition Signature versions will each receive a newly-tuned crossover from company founder Pete Thomas, who also adds his moniker to a numbered certificate.

PMC says these will be ‘the best FBs and TBs made to date’, with the new crossovers offering improved performance in the midrange for better vocal reproduction and the speakers’ handcrafted cabinets will be finished in the ‘distinctive and rare’ Palissandre Rose veneer.

Both FB and TB models share the same 6.5in bass unit and precision-built SOLONEX domed tweeter while the FB1i Signature’s longer ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) provides greater bass extension down to 28Hz, giving it the ability to fill a larger listening room.

Both models will be available from 18 September and come with a ten-year warranty (twice that of other PMC speakers). The TB2i Signature speakers will be £1,375 a pair, and the FB1i Signatures £2,500 a pair.

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