Kaleidescape high-end Audio / Video server (CEDIA UK 2006)

July 04, 2006


Kleidescape, long known as a high-end manufacturer music servers, shows here their new Audio / Video Entertainment server with a 5.5 TB (5,500 GB!!) hard disc that will hold up to approximately 660 DVDs. Need more space, well their largest installation has 7 servers which makes for about a 5000 DVD capacity, and technically is no real limit in the clusters. Ian Epperson gave us a full demonstration of the easy-to-use menus and high quality user interfaces. There is no limit to the number of interfaces in the house and all are independent. There is touch panel possibility to select a DVD or CD by touching the jacket over and the a program will propose using a presentation of jacket covers in a way to have surrounding the selected title those with a similar theme. There are other features such as touch screen scanning of the film, and more.

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