Arcam DV137 universal 1080p DVD player and AVR350 HDMI receiver (CEDIA UK 2006)

July 05, 2006


Richard Trotter, Sales Manager for Southern UK, presents the new Arcam DV137, their first universal DVD player, which has a new Advanced 10bit video scaler from Anchor Bay, ABT1010, supporting 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 768p as he shows us on the set-up screen. Richard demonstrates for us another unique feature of this new model which is the built in display calibration set-up routine that in four simple user-friendly steps will calibrate brightness, contrast, color and sharpness while offering test patterns with a supplied blue filter to help the consumer enjoy optimum video quality. Also on display was the new AVR350, HDMI receiver, built on the technology used in the AVP700 and P1000 (see previous clips). The DV137 will retail for 1250£ in the UK, and the AVR350 at 1500£.

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