The Chord Company New Sarum Cable The Most Advanced Cable Yet (Manchester Show 2010)

October 19, 2010


The Chord Company’s new Sarum cable takes the logical development forward and being based on the successful other cables in the range has a silver plated conductor and Teflon insulation.

To ensure maximum clarity and effectiveness each conductor is polished before plating giving a microscopic smooth surface and the Teflon insulation is applied in a new process that gives a lower dielectric value.

With interference being a issue for any electrical connection the new Sarum cable also benefits from the intensive research that the company makes and the shielding is very efficient and carries the signals with the minimum amount of loss and interference.

With the manufacturing process and the company heritage making sure that every step of the production process is correct this promises to be one of the best cables yet so you owe it to yourselves to add it to your list of things to listen to.

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