AMX UTPRO and Optima 8x8 Switchers for Un-Interrupted HDMI Control (ISE 2010)

February 17, 2010


Two new products from AMX aimed at the installer market are the HDMI UTPRO 8 x 8 and the Optima 8 x 8 matrix switcher for HDMI.

The key advantage is that they solve the handshake issues by keeping the HDCP authentication active on each of the inputs, thereby sustaining the picture without the loss usually associated when switching the HDMI signals, in this way a constant video signal is viewed.

Distribution is via the native switcher or using CAT5 distribution with the send and receiver boxes allowing easy source and destination switching. Utilising native Netlinks control that embeds that control on a two CAT-5 network, distribution up to 30m is self powered before a repeater is needed. Additional control units can be patched in to expand the system.

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