Pronto Now Available as a Sonus Controller with Fast Simple Control (ISE 2010)

February 17, 2010


Announcing a new application for the Pronto device, once programmed it can now be used to replace your Sonus Controller. Fully integrated via UPnP the Pronto sits on the network and uses IP control to access and control the Sonus.

When you activate your Sonus, UPnP will identify all zone players on the system and display them on the Pronto display giving you access to each one and intern full navigation of the music library allowing you to search by genre, artist, playlist and when selected will show a real time sync of what is being played on what unit.

The IP communication is very fast so operation is slick and very responsive. You also have control of the volume either by controlling the individual Sonus zone player or even an AV amplifier connected on the network.

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