Meridian Sooloos 2.1 you're in full control of your music (CES 2010)

January 22, 2010

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The unique Sooloos 2.1 touch panel control point offers full control over your music library. The 2.1 stores files in a lossless digital file format offering high quality audio and the ability to browse, sort, and generate playlists for all your stored and remote music. Each piece of music has cover art for easy identification and a visually pleasing easy to sort interface on the touch screen panel.

New within 2.1 is a management interface of the subscription service Rhapsody with over 8 million songs that you can access by playlist, artist and genre. When you have selected your music, the Sooloos 2.1 can add it to your locally stored music and will add its cover art to your touch screen. When you browse your selection it will display both local and remote music for easy playback and simple addition to a playlist. The Interface is visually pleasing and very, very fast, making it extremely user-friendly to operate.

Expansion is easy as you can add additional disc space when you need it and as many audio devices as you like. You can also link the touch panel control points together with party mode for seamless music synced around the house.

System control is supported via a new Crestron interface and an App for iPhone allows volume, full track seeking and playlist management.

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