Samsung LCD 8000 Series LED TV

October 28, 2009


Carrie-Anne Snelson explains the advantages of the Samsung 8000 series LED TVs at the Sound & Vision Manchester Show 2009.

Standard LCD TVs use simple fluorescent backlighting lamps to illuminate the image which can lead to the black sometimes appearing greyish. Samsung LED technology overcomes this problem by using multiple LED back-lights to illuminate the screen, that can be turned on and off individually. Blacks appear deeper, contrast is improved with richer, more vivid colours. This Series of screens are much thinner than standard LCD TVs while at the same time using 40% less power.

The 8000 Series also features 200Hz Motion Plus technology and MEDI@2.0 technology for improved usability. Motion Plus technology doesn’t simply repeat images to make extra frames, but it intelligently estimates the action, creates an extra frame between frames and then repeats the process to quadruple the standard frame rate. Images appear seamless so the motion judder and image blurring that can occur when watching action scene movies and sports is eliminated.

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