ISE 2006 in Video : Speakers, small & In-Wall is beautiful!

In-Wall is beautiful because it integrates beautifully and wasn't that the central theme at Integrated Systems Europe 2006? What's new ? Triangle showed for the first time anywhere their "user-friendly / installer-friendly" In-Wall speakers, Waterfall had theirs on show, Inovadis presented their prototypes and KEF had their full line-up on display, including the innovative motorized model (ISE clip in French and What HiFi/STUFF Show).Small is beautiful! Highland Audio by Inovadis launched into the Home Cinema market with a 5.1 system you will not want to miss. You will also certainly want to listen to the full details on the new KEF KHT3005. And we can say black is beautiful too! as both will be available in high gloss black.And don't miss all the rest in the clips, just click on the photos, and enjoy!ISE 2006 : KEF launches the KHT3005, learn all the detailsJohan Coorg, International Marketing Manager, presents the hot new KHT3005 speaker system up-close. After a first glimpse in our KEF clip at the CES, learn first hand all the development that went into this completely new series. See in full detail the radical new UniQ driver for the satellites, with a stiffer cone, which means louder yet cleaner. The satellites look slim and trim but actually have 30% more volume which allows an exceptional base register of 70Hz. The center speaker and subwoofer are both entirely redesigned to match this superb 5.1 system, that will be in the stores in May.Click here to see the clip. Click here to see their stand. ISE 2006 : Inovadis presents Highland Audio, Lumene, and NorStone Design Rachel Cropsal and Afaf Dridi, are Export Managers for Inovadis, a French company that is responsible for the development of the brands Highland Audio, Lumene, and NorStone Design. They showed us the new Highland Audio 5.1 pack with a black lacquer finish, designed especially for Home Cinema offering their traditional high-fidelity sound. They announced their full new In-Wall product range that will be coming out near the end of the year.Click here to see the clip. Click here to see their stand. ISE 2006 : Waterfall Audio demonstrates technology Nadine Dewell, International Export Manager, gives us insight into the sophisticated technology that makes Waterfall glass speakers really unique. The company was established 10 years ago, counting several years of pure R&D with many patents, including the exclusive “ADT” system, acoustic damping tube, the key to perfect driver performance in the glass columns. Nadine shows us the renowned Victoria floor standing speakers, the Hurricaine model as well as a close-up look at the new generation Elora speakers. Waterfall had on show at ISE their new In-Wall series.Click here to see the clip. Click here to see their stand. ISE 2006 : Triangle launches high-end In-Wall speakers Alain Chlous, Export Manager, shows the completely new line of In-Wall and In-Ceiling speakers for the first time. Triangle is a French company with a solid high-end reputation and they will be celebrating this year their 25 anniversary. These models are built on the same philosophy as their current high-fidelity speaker product range and are totally compatible with them. The integration has been simplified as you will be able to see in the clip. These models, which will take on the reference IW, will soon be available in 40 countries around the world.Click here to see the clip. Click here to see their stand. Click HERE to see all the other exclusive interviews and presentaion clips.



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