The Gurus View! Industry Icons talk to Cinenow

April 08, 2008 — Article

Cinenow.TV has interviewed some of the best known industry icons around and with their latest insight into the ‘rebirth of stereo’ and HD format we decided to put them altogether on


Doug Graham: Naim Audio

Doug Graham, International Sales Manager, gives us his insight into future market developments for high-end Hi-Fi products. Some provocative thoughts like you may listen to a CD 50 times, which you won’t do with a movie, and each time you will get a different emotional feeling. The iPod generation is not just for kids, and people want to continue their music experience at home. The future is for quality digital music systems, not digital “mush”.

Bob Stuart: Meridian

Bob Stuart,says that the format war between HD discs and download may be just beginning. As compared to audio, buying the content for video is different as many people watch a movie just once. Is the improvement HD offers “visible” enough to make HD discs a mass market product, will people invest in systems and do the proper set-up that will allow them to truly experience the difference, will there be a deep enough catalogue at a competitive price… or will the alternative ways to get content win because of convenience?

Ken Kessler: Auhor/Writer

Ken Kessler, author of books and writer for major magazines over the past 30 years, gives us his insight into the “Stereo Renaissance” and talks about the “Multi-Channel Backlash”. Many major players are investing heavily in R&D… What will the market be like in coming years, iPod, High-end or…?

John Dawson: Arcam

John Dawson, Founder and President of Arcam, gives us his insight on the aftermath of the format war, commenting on the good things it did for the overall market and the impact of the clarity now. It may not be “HD Everywhere” immediately never-the-less as developments are still going on to perfect Blu-ray…, with more to come this summer. He puts into perspective the quality of standard DVD and what the market professionals need to do to get potential consumers to truly appreciate the difference.

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