CEDIA EXPO USA 2006 - Part 5

October 10, 2006 — Article

This is the last part in this series, but there is more to come with our video clip presentations and interviews, where you will see first hand, up-close these and other hot products that were at CEDIA 2006.


The CEDIA EXPO is a good time to welcome new or rencently released products. Jamo had on their stand the C60 series launched last July. This new range of eight speakers takes over from the Concert E8 series. The C607 and C605 are 3-way floor stands, the C603 and C601 are two-way bookshelf speakers, the C60 CEN is a two-way centre speaker and the C 60 SUR, a dipole speaker and lastly, the SUB 650 and 550 subwoofers of the range.

Jamo R909

For even more demanding ears and bigger budgets we also checked out the top of the range C80 series at the Jamo stand. The C809, C807 and C805 are all 3-way floor-standing speakers, the C803 is a two-way bookshelf speaker that exists also in an In-Wall version, the C803 IW. The C80 CEN is the centre speaker in the series and the C80 SUR, the dipole speaker to which you can add the C80 SUB subwoofer that’ll round things up nicely.

Jamo i200

Jamo also introduced the i200 for our iPod fans out there. This iPod Speaker System, designed by Smedegaard and Weiss, comes after the award-winning i300 and likewise, is recognized for its aesthetic and technical qualities. Don’t be fooled by its relatively small size, 5” tall and 15” wide! The sub-out connection allows you to augment your bass response with an active subwoofer or to output audio to the JamoLink multi-room system.

Boston Accoustics

Boston Accoustics added two new models to the Dsi Series : the In-Wall Dsi 280 (250$) and the In-Ceiling Dsi285 (225$). Both are equipped with an 8” loudspeaker and a ¾” tweeter that can reproduce frequencies below 50 Hz.

The E Series, specially designed for Home Cinema Systems, was also out on the stand. The five models range from the floor-standing to the compact speaker. The E40 (400$), E50 (500$), E60 (600$), E70 (800$) and the E100 (2,500$) are all sound alternatives to your traditional wood-based speakers providing excellent musicality.

E Series Boston Acoustics

For those of you looking out for the perfect speakers to match your sleek plasma, Boston Acoustics brought out the discrete P Series. It includes five models : the P460 (750$), the P450 (600$), P442 (500$), P430 (350$) and the superb P400 (1,500$).

P Series de Boston Acoustics

Vidikron, THX certified

Vidikron, following its parent company Runco, released its industry-leading 720p THX certified projectors. The Runco VX-2cx and the Vidikron Vision models 90t and 100t, all 3-chip Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors, are the initial video display products to achieve THX certification. The 90t boasts 2250 ANSI lumens for a 3,000:1 contrast ratio. As for the 100t, it gives out 3,500 ANSI lumens for a 2,000:1 contrast ratio.

Toshiba, DVD HD take 2!

Here comes Toshiba second generation of HD-DVD players at CEDIA this year. Following the success of the first generation of HD-DVD players, Toshiba rolls out the HD-A2 (500$) and the HD-XA2 (1,000$).

Toshiba HD-A2

They’re loaded with the latest technologies on the market and are MPEG-4, AVC, VC-1 and MPEG-2 compatible. Equipped with an HDMI output (1.3 for the HD-XA2) they gives out a 720p or 1080i signal for the HD-A2 and 720p, 1080i and 1080p for the HD-XA2.

Toshiba HD-XA2

Out this month (October 2006) the HD-A2 will be followed by its big brother HD-XA2 out in December 2006.

Philips, Pronto!

Designed by installers, made by Philips, the TSU9600 is also known as the new Pronto. This little beauty,a technological feat none-the-less (!), was certainly the star of the Philips stand.

A big TSU9600 !

Design is sensational and the color display is simply breathtaking! Its LCD touch panel offers a true multi-room control solution to manage entertainment equipment, content and lighting throughout the home.

By parterning with market leaders like Escient with their Fireball Media server and Lutron with their RadioRa Lighting Control system, Philips has taken Pronto to a higher level of functionality and is truly irresistible!

Klipsch THX Ultra 2 In-Wall

Spellbound by the THX Ultra 2 certified Home Theatre speakers by Klipsch we were eager to discover the In-Wall versions. The KL-7800-THX and the KS-7800-THX are packed with the Klipsch savoir-faire and can easily be integrated to your walls. That means you won’t need to invest in anything too bulky to enjoy THX Ultra 2 audio performance.

Klipsch THX Ultra 2 family

These two In-wall speakers are matched with the KW-120THX subwoofer and the KA-1000-THX amp. That’ll surely contribute to a lovely atmosphere around the home!

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