Highlights of the CEDIA UK 2006, with more to come !

June 26, 2006 — Article

The CEDIA UK lived up to its image as The European Home Technology Showcase & Training Event with over 6000 visitors this year, an increase of 30%, as well as excellent attendance for the over 80 training sessions with 1500 participants. There were many new products on display which we will be bringing you in the coming days in our traditional Special Photo Report.

In addition, we have over 5 hours of film for our video clips with product presentations of what there was on show this year as well as exclusive interviews with industry leaders who give us a vision of what is to come. Now back in the office, we are editing and encoding to begin putting them on line starting at the end of this week.

Of the hundreds of photos of the all the stands, here is just a short selection of some of the new products showcased this year.

Even those at the opening day didn’t get to see the brand new Denon DVD players, the DVD-2930 and DVD-3930, that they had flown in directly from Japan for the second day of the show to give their UK Dealers, Installers and the Press a close-up preview in advance of their launch which will be, from our initial information, at the end of August. We will be bringing more details on the launch dates as well as the initial prices we were given that still need to be confirmed in addition to complete specifications of the features on these two hot numbers in a separate article with our video clip, but here are the first photos you will see in Europe.

Sharp showcased for the first time the new range of Aquos LCD TV’s, including LC-32GA8E, LC-37GA8E, LC-32GD8E, LC-37GD8E, LC-32GA9E, LC-37GA9E, LC-32GD9E and LC-37GD9E, next to the recently launched XXXL flagship 65" HD Aquos LC-65GD1E, which boasts 1920 x 1080 resolution and an integral Freeview digital terrestrial tuner as well as many other hot features such as Advanced Super View (AVS).

Here is a first close-up look at the Sim2 new 1080p projector, HT-3000, but you will certainly want to hear all the details in our complete video clip.

Take a look at the beautiful Faroudja 1080p 3-chip video projector named D-ILA 1080MF1 that was on demonstration for the first time on the Meridian stand.

Harman Kardon launched the new addition in their Digital Lounge line-up, the company’s first complete music system with a TV included, showcasing the Digital Lounge 540.

Get a close-up look also for the first time at the brand new full HD 1080p 50” plasma TV from Pioneer and the new additions to the Philips HD ready Mirror-TV line-up, which were on demonstration on the big AWE stand, one of the major distributors in the UK of numerous top brands. For more details, we’ll be bringing you a complete presentation of these and many other products in our video clips.

The focus at the show was clearly Home Integration with many interesting products for in-wall, in-ceiling… that are too numerous to show all here, but the new ones from KEF in their Ci (Custom Installation) speaker series caught our eye as they were motorized.

And to close out this first look at show highlights, there were some fun things to see too, like the motorized TV screen built in the foot of bed.

And in the shower …

And even in your pool …

Well there is a quick photo summary of a few of the new products, but we have intentionally reserved many of the innovative technologies, which are better adapted to being presented with full explanations by the professionals at the show, for our video clips in just a few more days. A complete look at all the stands will also be coming in our Special Photo Report, offering Zoom Image close-ups of the products.

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