Meridian G65 Surround Controller: celebrates 20-year innovation legacy

November 15, 2013 — Article

Meridian Audio has announced the introduction of the new-design G65 Surround Controller, the latest in the G Series line of high performance components, building on the flagship 800 Series, with entirely new circuitry developed specifically for the product. The legacy started in 1994, when Meridian launched the 565, the world’s first Digital Surround Controller. Conceived as a multichannel music controller, 565 defined the surround category and rivalled the finest 2-channel products then available.

Later in 1994, Meridian entered the emerging home theatre market with another first, the Meridian Digital Theatre. This concept was based on the company’s new range of digital loudspeakers and the 565. The Digital Theatre and the 565 won more than ten awards in the first twelve months of production.

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The new Meridian G65 continues this legacy with high performance, connectivity, and ease of use. In conjunction with the Meridian HD621, it allows connection of a diverse range of audio and video sources with unified control over time alignment, bass management and surround sound processing.

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The G65 is designed to drive Meridian DSP Loudspeakers, but in addition, now equipped with 8 channels of SpeakerLink and XLR analogue outputs, the G65 is equally at home at the heart of Meridian Digital Theatres as well as with traditional power amplifiers and passive, analogue loudspeaker-based systems. Traditional audio systems often require large, expensive cables to maintain their performance. Meridian’s SpeakerLink uses an “Ethernet style” cable that delivers pristine digital sound and control down a single cable between Meridian components. The result is simple, unobtrusive, and cost-effective cables that are easy to install.

Unique Meridian technologies include Smart Source, which automatically selects the correct settings for optimum listening, whilst Meridian’s Apodising upsampling filter improves audio quality and can correct problems in an original digital recording. Meridian Room Correction smooths out the low-frequency reverberation in a room to improve clarity and imaging for a more immersive experience. Effectively room shape, size, furnishing and loudspeaker positions all influence the sound of any system. The result is often uneven sound, with low frequencies too loud in some places and too quiet in others. Meridian’s Room Correction system uses powerful DSP to smooth out uneven room resonances for clearer sound and better imaging.

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G65 also includes new menu features to seamlessly control Enhanced Bass Alignment as well as Centre Elevation found in Meridian’s DSP Loudspeaker range. These unique DSP Loudspeaker technologies provide the most immersive film experience while maintaining a no-compromise position for audio quality.

Inspired by the flagship 861 processor, Meridian’s G65 features a card-based construction using 7-layer boards. This architecture makes it possible to build cards and handle specific audio tasks, rather than the large multifunction boards common in most audio equipment. This approach delivers performance improvements such as lower noise and crosstalk, providing immersive sound fields.

The position of every part on a board affects its neighbour – ultimately impacting sound and picture quality. Part of the ‘Meridian Sound’ results from the fact that co-founder Bob Stuart hand-tunes each card for maximum performance, and you can read his initials on every board he tunes.

Full installation configuration is achieved by running Meridian’s proprietary Windows-based MConfig application, connected to the G65 via a serial or USB link, or direct from the front panel. A comprehensive back-lit learning/programmable MSR+ remote is included.

Still hand built in the UK, of course, the G65, named in honour of 565, is now the definitive surround controller second only to the flagship 861, but deriving many of its capabilities and performance from its big brother. A worthy successor in the long Meridian innovation heritage and to the world’s first Digital Surround Controller 20 years ago, the 565. What is our AV Guru Bob Stuart going to come out with next…

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