Meridian Audio announces powerful new performance upgrades

December 17, 2012 — Article

Premium models including the 808 Signature Reference Compact Disc Player and 861 Reference Digital Surround Controller benefit from advanced technology.

Meridian DSP7200

Meridian DSP7200

Meridian’s 808 Signature Reference Compact Disc Player includes improved technology and components designed to enhance its sound clarity in several areas.

The heart of Meridian’s ultimate music system, the 808 enjoys an array of high-performance analogue and digital inputs, including multiple SpeakerLink and optical digital inputs, as well as analogue, digital and SpeakerLink outputs.

Meridian invented the digital surround-sound controller, and claims the latest edition of the 861 Reference Digital Surround Controller sets new standards. The latest version includes improved technology plus the addition of brand new features such as the ability to manage centre-channel height imaging in conjunction with the new DSP7200HC loudspeaker.

The DSP7200 has been a popular member of the Meridian Digital Active Loudspeaker range since its 2007 launch. With improved technology and components, including a new tweeter, this version promises an even purer audio performance. New DSP developments include innovative music modes and, in the Horizontal Centre model, a new proprietary psychoacoustic feature called Centre Elevation. CE allows the adjustment of image height in home cinema applications, thus delivering a seamless viewing experience when integrated into the Meridian Digital Theatre system.

Meridian 808

Meridian 808

The DSP7200 features Meridian’s SpeakerLink digital audio and control I/O interface via RJ45, for simple installation with unobtrusive wiring, while its curved cabinet features advanced damping technology and ‘Meridium’ metal/wood laminate for solid rigidity.

Each model is offered in a range of finishes. In addition, a variety of Meridian Select colour options is also available.

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