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Russ Andrews upgrades Freeview and Freesat boxes

February 26, 2012 — Article

Freeview and Freesat boxes promise improved sound and vision quality.

Humax Freeview box with Russ Andrews improvements

Russ Andrews has added an improved power supply to its Humax Freeview and Freesat HD boxes, with the original parts replaced with Panasonic audio grade capacitors. Acoustic casework damping has been added while the captive mains leads have been removed and the casework fitted with an IEC socket allowing you to select the mains cable of your choice. The power stage has also been fitted with the company’s Silencer mains filter and ClarityMains enhancer.

The input and output stages have also been upgraded with new aerial/dish inputs, HDMI outputs and internal circuitry. The Scart sockets have also been upgraded to provide improved performance with older, non-HD TVs. The finishing touch comes from Russ Andrews’ Big Cone Feet, crafted from oak, which the company improve the performance even further.

The Russ Andrews upgraded Humax Freesat and Freeview boxes are all supplied with a 1TB drive, capable of recording up to 250 hours of full HD content or 500 hours of SD content, and are available direct from Russ Andrews for £611. Each box comes with the company’s 14-Day Equipment Home Trial and no-quibble money back guarantee.

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