Philips’ first new TVs for 2012

February 24, 2012 — Article

Philips has announced five new TV models ranging from budget-to-midrange prices.

Philips 46PFL7007T
Philips 46PFL7007T

Smart TV functionality, including smaller screen sizes for the first time, features heavily within the new line-up, which also includes both passive and active 3-D technology.

The 3000 series are full HD LCD TVs with 100Hz PMR (Perfect Motion Rate), 28.9 billion colour reproduction, 100,000:1 contrast ratio, a single USB slot for multimedia playback and three HDMI inputs with Easylink. They’re available in 32in, 37in, 42in and 47in screen sizes.

A step up is the 3500 series, the first of Philips’ LED sets with 500,000:1 contrast level. It’s also Philips’ first range to add Smart TV and DLNA functionality with wireless connectivity via an optional USB adaptor. A second USB slot is added for multimedia playback. They come in available in 19in, 22in, 24in 32in, 37in and 42in flavours.

The 4000 series adds Philips’ acclaimed Pixel Plus HD processing and 200Hz PMR for enhanced image clarity. LAN ready, they can access the internet via the multimedia home network and come in 32in, 37in, 42in and 47in sizes.

The 6000 series features the Ambilight Spectra 2 system and an improved 400Hz PMR. It includes integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, Skype, 3-D technology enabling two-player gaming and 3D depth adjustment in each of its 32in, 37in, 42in, 47in and 55in models.

Finally, the 7000 series, available in 40in, 46in and 55in, adds Philips’ Pixel Precise HD processing and 800Hz PMR plus the active shutter 3D Max system.

All are due to be available during the second quarter of the year with prices to be confirmed on release.

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