Samsung launches first PayPal Smart TV app

November 02, 2011 — Article

Samsung has launched the first Smart TV app in the UK to support individual payments through PayPal.

Karaoke Superstar offers over 2,000 karaoke videos which allow you to sing along as the video plays. You can buy a ‘four-hour party mode’ for £4.99 or pay £9.99 for a regular monthly subscription which grants you unlimited access to the entire video library.

Karaoke Superstar joins apps including LOVEFiLM, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter on Samsung’s Smart TV hub.

Karaoke Superstar may be the first app that you can pay for using your secure PayPal account. It’s the first, but unlikely to be the last, since the ability to make all sorts of quick, easy and secure payments through your TV opens up lots of possibilities for the future of TV-based web portals.

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