20 Years of PMC Celebrated With The Launch of the Exciting New Twenty Series Loudspeakers

September 28, 2011 — Article

20 Years of PMC in a Twenty Series Loudspeaker

A prestigious event in Docklands saw the launch of a completely new and excited range of floor standing and bookshelf designed speakers from world acclaimed speaker brand PMC.

PMC, celebrating their twentieth year of designing high quality loudspeakers have launched a completely new range to commemorate their achievement aptly called the twenty series.

Utilising a holistic design approach and all new components the twenty series is a celebration of the company’s skill and passion for music. Owner and Chief Designer Peter Thomas elaborates;

PMC Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas

“Our sole aim while designing loudspeakers is to recreate the true essence of an artist’s intention, combining the ultimate level of sonic resolution with solid engineering principles. We believe that the same loudspeaker can be used throughout the entire audio chain, from composer to studio or film stage, post-production or mastering and then, finally, the consumer. Our unswerving passion for getting it right has made this goal possible.”

The twenty series does just that, consists of four models available in a variety of finishes, the twenty.21 and twenty.22 are a bookshelf design with the twenty.23 and twenty.24 being a floor standing design.

twenty.21 in Oak

The component build is unified throughout the models so emphasising the company’s philosophy of similar tonal character no matter how you mix and match the speakers in your system.

They are all two-way designs and utilise PMC’s Advanced Transmission Line (ATL™) technology with the cabinet construction and design serving to enhance the performance whilst the front baffle allowing for better dynamics and easier placement.

A new Sonolex™ fabric dome tweeter, developed in conjunction with Seas® provides a phenomenal off-axis response thanks to the new dispersion grille and the tweeter is matched to the new twenty M13 and M17 bass/mid drive units that are developed by PMC. Having a lightweight, stiff paper cone construction with a matt finish doping, they are built into a cast alloy chassis providing a rigid and stable environment whilst offering high sensitivity and low colouration.

The drive units are mounted in a wholly new designed cabinet with 5 degree sloping front and rear baffles serving to reduce colouration and internal resonance. Manufactured from 18mm Medite HDF, the internal baffles which make up the Advanced Transmission Line, add further stiffness to the structure whilst the cabinets are inherently high in rigidity and low in resonance. The top panel of the cabinet, which endures the greatest pressure and stress, is further stiffened with carefully positioned 18mm bracing.


The cross over design features; short signal paths, quality cabling, ultra thick pure copper tracks, gold plating and a military grade board plus audiophile capacitors and laminate cored inductors which further provide extremely low distortion and high power handling. As a result of the new drive unit and crossover circuit design, 24dB filtering ensures a smooth transition from tweeter to bass/mid driver.

PMC Twenty X-over
twenty Series Crossover

During the design phase, the attention to detail incorporated the optional stand for the twenty.21 and twenty.22 which features a three way sandwich construction for isolation and rigidity, a tube for ballast damping and one for cable management.

The plinth for the twenty.23 and twenty.24 features a decoupled design, easy clean finishes, double ended spike/ball fixings and an in-built lifting handle guaranteeing that the twenty series is much more than the sum of its parts.

A simple audition will endorse the success of the range with good imagery, crisp dynamics and clarity of vocal making the commemorative twenty series a serious contender for your living room.

The twenty series is now available in the UK with retail prices between £1,375 and £3,410.

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