SIM2 Nero 3D projectors

September 15, 2011 — Article

Italian projector manufacturer SIM2 has announced the Nero 3D range.

SIM2 Nero
SIM2 Nero

The four models in the Nero range are all 120Hz, single-chip DLP designs, with active-shutter glasses for 3D capability.

They all benefit from trickle-down technology from SIM2’s flagship £30,000 Lumis 3D-S projector which came out earlier this year, including the precision glass optics of its ALPHAPATH light engine, its sophisticated electronics platform, and the latest DLP chipset.

Alberto Fabiano, executive VP of SIM2 USA said: “There is nothing like Nero on the market, making it a truly innovative projector series.”

The Neros come in a deep matt-black finish which is intended to absorb light rather than reflect it, so they give off no reflection in your viewing room

All four new SIM2 Nero projectors should be available later this month with prices running from £13,000-£19,000 depending on brightness levels and lens options.

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