IFA 2011: Samsung adds YouTube 3D to Smart TV

September 05, 2011 — Article

Samsung has announced that it’s to be the first to add YouTube 3D content for its Smart TV platform.

The channel will bring exclusive 3D content to connected Samsung TVs similar to the Explore3D app which launched earlier this year.

Other additions to the Smart TV interface include Acetrax, which now appears on the YourWatch page.

You can now click on a film in YourWatch and go straight through to watch it on Acetrax. Film streaming channels LoveFilm and Blinkbox also appear on Smart TV and are likely to offer a similar service soon.

Smart TV passed the 10 million TV app downloads mark last month and is apparently growing steadily with over 900 apps available so far. That figure is expected to break the 1,000 mark later this month.

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