Formula One Driver Bruno Senna installs PMC AML2 speakers

August 29, 2011 — Article

Racing driver Bruno Senna, nephew of the late Ayrton Senna has revealed that he’s installed a pair of PMC’s new AML2 active monitors in his home studio.

Bruno Senna with PMC AML2

When he’s not racing, the driver likes to unwind by producing and remixing house tracks at his home studio in Monaco.

He visited the PMC factory in Luton to collect them when he was last in the UK for the British Grand Prix.

PMC says he’s been using a pair of their TB2S-A MkII speakers for his casual listening for some time, but wanted something with even more detail and bass extension for his remixing work.

Following a visit to PMC and a personal audition from company owner and chief designer, Peter Thomas, he walked away with a pair of AML2s.

Talking about his latest acquisition Senna said: “How do you get a big monitor sound like that from such small speakers? These are the best nearfield monitors I’ve heard.”

Bruno Senna with PMC AML2

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