Single standard for 3D specs?

August 11, 2011 — Article

Not before time, Panasonic, Sony and Samsung have agreed to co-operate on the development of a new single standard for 3D active-shutter glasses.

The manufacturers have so far produced their own glasses, which are incompatible with their rivals’ 3D TV screens.

Now, following less than stellar sales of 3D TVs, they’ll work with X6D Limited XPAND 3D on the development and licensing of Bluetooth-enabled radio frequency (RF) active 3D glasses.

The new ‘Full HD 3D glasses initiative’ means the companies will work on RF system protocols between consumer 3D glasses and 3D displays such as TVs, PCs, projectors and 3D cinemas using XPAND active-shutter glasses.

Development of the new glasses is due to begin in September, with the first models going on sale 2012. The new glasses should also be compatible with existing 2011 active-shutter 3D TV sets.

The process will include all of the various types of IR system protocols between 3D active-shutter glasses and 3D displays created by each of the manufacturers.

Jun Yonemitsu, deputy senior general manager, Home Entertainment Development, Sony, said: "Through this alliance, we all look forward to addressing critical industry issues to enable a better consumer experience across products. “We believe active 3D technology is the most suitable method to deliver full 1080p picture quality to each eye, giving consumers the 3D experience they most desire.”

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