CEDIA SHOW 2011: SIM2 Lumis 3D-S 3D projector

June 30, 2011 — Article

SIM2 showed off its brand new £30k Lumis 3D-S projector at the show, its first one-box 3D projector.

SIM2 Lumis 3D-S

The company demonstrated the projector’s 3D capabilities with the justly renowned ‘lanterns’ scene from Tangled and the bike chase in TRON: Legacy.

The compact machine is claimed to be the first consumer projector to use triple flash technology with active-shutter 3D glasses for the home.

Originally developed for 3D cinemas, triple flash is designed to eliminate flicker and ghosting while offering smoother motion.

With 24fps (frames per second) film, the system presents each eye with three ‘flashes’ of each frame, to provide an overall frame rate of 144fps. It’s claimed this reduces fatigue and nausea when viewing 3D.

The 3D-S also includes three-chip DLP technology for brighter and punchier images, something the dimming side effects of 3D can always benefit from. And as a one-box system, it shouldn’t require the same level of maintenance and calibration usually required of high-end dual projector systems.

Other features include three lens options with a throw range of 1.37-3.9:1, vertical lens shift and an improved version of the company’s Live Colours Calibration software.

The SIM2 Lumis 3D-S will be available in July with two pairs of XpanD active 3D glasses for £2,995.

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