JVC 3D projectors

October 21, 2010 — Article

JVC demonstrated its upcoming 3D projector range at the Manchester Show, with three models, due to go on sale towards the end of November.


The three models are the DLA-X3 (£4,000), DLA-X7 (£7,000) and the DLA-X9 (£9,000) and JVC promises that each comes with a higher brightness quotient and higher contrast ratios of up to 100,000:1 on the DLA-X9 (70,000 and 50,000:1 on the lower models) to compensate for the dimming effect of 3D.

The two more expensive models also have a new seven-axis colour calibration system, which adds orange to the usual red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow. The supplied 3D glasses are activated automatically by a signal from an attachment to the projector and claims up to 100 hours of viewing before you need to replace the batteries.

All the new JVC projectors will be able to offer both 2D and 3D projection, though they won’t include conversion technology to turn 2D into 3D images.

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