Q Acoustics + NAD = Q-NAD

March 23, 2010 — Article

Stalwart Brit audio brands NAD and Q-Acoustics have joined together to launch a one-box budget music system with hi-fi cred.

The new system, dubbed the ‘Q-NAD’, comprises the acclaimed NAD C715 DAB, an all-in-one 2 x 20-watt stereo amplifier, CD player and DAB/FM radio, plus the award-winning Q Acoustics 2010 compact bookshelf loudspeakers.

The NAD C715 DAB includes 99 presets on its station memory for both DAB and FM, as well as a USB digital record and playback function for memory stick and MP3 players. It also has three spare stereo analogue inputs, an optical digital output and a timer and alarm function with 24 hour clock.

The Q Acoustics 2010 is a diminutive two-way speaker with 100mm woofer and 25mm tweeter and a frequency response of 68Hz-22kHz.

Armour sales manager Alex Munro, said: “This elegant, compact system is a match made in heaven. When we listened to them together, we all thought this is a great little system that everyone should hear, so we created a special system price which makes it affordable for a much wider public.”

The Q-NAD is available now from distributor Armour Acoustics for a combined price of £439 (£610 if bought separately).

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