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KEF New T Series A Quality Speaker To Match Your Slim Monitor

November 08, 2010


The introduction of the new T series is a welcome addition to the KEF range, with the vast number of flat panel screens needing a quality speaker solution the new T series fits the bill.

Its design philosophy is to reproduce a high quality sound using conventional drivers and though only 35mm in depth, the 4 ¼”drivers use a dedicated motor system with a high power neodymium magnet and a rigid diaphragm using their patented Z flex technology.

The high frequencies are supplied courtesy of a 1” aluminium driver, air vented and using their Tangerine Wave Guide technology.

With the main speakers rolling off at around 110hz the well matched sub woofer makes the integrated system a perfect match for your home cinema.

There are three 5.1 systems, the T105 which uses one of each driver in each speaker, T205 which uses two mid drivers and a tweeter per speaker for the front three channels and smaller speaker for the rear and the T305 which uses the larger speakers for all 5 channels.

The speakers are designed to be wall mounted to assist the sound characteristics but there is also a stand available with Selecta-mount technology within the stand column allowing you to tune the characteristics of the speaker to match the other wall mounted units.

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