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Sharp QuadPixel Technology Goes 3D Offering Stunning Colours and Improved 3D Performance (IFA 2010)

September 20, 2010


Sharp continue with their Quad Pixel technology using a new panel structure that uses a yellow sub pixel alongside the conventional RGB. This allows more light to pass through the panel giving brighter images and more accurate colour reproduction. This is now applied to their 3D panels making a big improvement to images and the overall 3D experience.

One element of 3D on the viewer is crosstalk where your brain retains two images at the same time causing blurring during certain images the new panels have improved crosstalk circuitry that removes blur during 3D playback giving crisp sharp images.

Colour reproduction is improved with accurate reproduction of millions of colours and an ability to reproduce gold thanks to the Quattro yellow pixel technology. Power consumption is also reduced on the new displays, the new design allowing the reduction in backlight due to the higher luminosity of the fourth pixel.

Combining new technology with 3D playback the new range offers something special.

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