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PMC fact 3 Compact Yet Distinguished Speaker (Sound & Vision: The Bristol Show 2010)

March 04, 2010


Tom Barron talks us through the new speaker in the fact range, the fact 3, which was developed to meet the demands for a more compact design PMC speaker.

The units are designed around their proven models such as the fact 8 and feature the same driver and x-over configuration whilst also incorporating the same high finish options.

Many people are rightly concerned as to whether a speaker will fit their particular room style and the fact 3 has a built in room correction adjustment within the x-over. Having adjustment for HF boost and cut and a LF cut there is plenty of fine tuning available albeit from adding more lift to your top end or tuning the bass output to suit the placement in the room.

It can be Bi wired or bi amped via the high quality, silver plated copper terminals and its characteristics are suited to be driven by many amplifiers.

Due to its bespoke design approach it takes the best PMC technologies including use of their unique advanced transmission line technology and integrates other high quality components to offer a unique speaker designed for optimum audiophile performance.

Finishes are in Tiger Ebony, Popular Walnut, Rich Walnut and Traditional Oak.

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