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Focal-JMlab Electra 920


This product is not for sale anymore


TypeFloor standing loudspeaker
Year of release1998
Frequency Response32 - 23000 Hz
Impedance8 Ohms
Power handling225 W
Sensibility92 dB/W/m
Number of speakers4
Weight47.0 kg

The Electra range stems directly from the extraordinary array of Utopia speakers. They possess the same W membrane glass-glass technology ’ hand made by a team of artisans who spend at least 30 minutes on each cone, as well as the Focus Time system, which allows the listener to orient the axes of the speakers towards themselves, using the tweeter as the axis. This system allows the perfect focussing of mid to high range sources as well as punctual sources and perfect phasing.

The Electras are true top line speakers and are destined to a demanding public of sound buffs who will tend to associate them with powerful electronics.

The Electra 920 and 915 are Bass Reflex hi-fi column speakers which are utilised either in classic hi-fi systems, or as main speakers in the case of a Home Cinema system. They possess exactly the same mid-range speakers ’ two 13cm W cones with 25mm ogive coil with flat wire and 100mm magnet, as well as the same tweeter- a Tioxide inverted dome, with 20 mm coil and 72 mm magnet. When it comes to the woofers, the 920 is equipped with a 26 cm W cone with 40 mm flat wire coil and 135 mm magnet, while the 915 is equipped with a 21 cm W cone, 40 mm flat wire coil and 120 mm magnet. Both allow for double cabling and bi-amplification.

The Electra 905 is also a Bass Reflex hi-fi speaker that can be used either in classic hi-fi stereo applications or as main speakers for Home Cinema. They possess exactly the same two midrange and tweeter as the 920 and 915, but do not have a woofer. Their small size makes them ideal multi-purpose speakers, to be used, for example, as Surround speakers in a Home Cinema installation, very well suited to musical listening in DTS.

The Electra CC 30 is a Central Bass-Reflex speaker designed for use with the same W material as the rest of the range. It is equipped with two low to midrange speakers ’ two 16.5 cm W ogive cones with 40 mm flat-wire coils with 100 mm magnet, as well as the same tweeter ’ a Tioxide inverted-cone with 20 mm coil and 72 mm magnet. It is thus a perfectly coherent speaker for use with all other speakers of the range. Among other things, it is totally shrouded.

The Electra SR 30 are Bass Reflex Surround speakers of the Dipolar variety, with four voice cones ’ two 13 cm W cones and two Tioxide tweeters identical to those of the 920, 915 and 905. They were originally designed to be placed laterally, directed towards the listener.

The Electra SW33A is an active subwoofer, meaning it is self-amplified. It is equipped with a bass-reflex woofer, directed downwards ’ a 33cm Polyglass Cone with 65 mm coil and two 165 mm magnets. The integrated amplifier delivers 175 W

Audio Section

  • Number of Speakers : 4
  • Impedance : 8
  • Power admitted (W) : 225

Audio Performances

  • Bandwith : 32 – 23000 Hz
  • Sensibility (dB/W/m) : 92.0


  • Dimensions : 325 × 1100 × 400 (L x H x P)
  • Weight : 47.0 kg

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