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February 04, 2002 — Article

Technology at the Service of HI-FI

A little crush on the part of the editorial staff for this LISSA Hi Fi kit from Sony. The Japanese manufacturer is, in fact, one of the first to launch into the world of domestic broadband transfer, integrating Firewire connection technology into the system.

The LISSA is a grouping of separate elements composed of a stereo receiver – the STR-LSA1, a CD player - the CDP-LSA1 and a mini-disc recorder/player, the MDS-LSA1 that can be connected with one sole cable – the I-link. Meeting the norm IEEE 1394, this kind of cable is largely employed in the computer sector as well as in digital imaging. Its utilisation thus constitutes a real shake up in utilisation modes, just as much in the configuration side as in the utilisation of audio-video apparatus. This technology in fact assures a faster transmission and therefore a larger capacity for the transfer of signal between the different elements.
The other advantage of this system is to be able to connect your Hi Fi system to your computer from which you can manage the various functions: play, record, and classification… all with the quick flick of your mouse and the graphic interface which is sold as an option.

The intrinsic qualities of LISSA don’t only stem fromthis technological innovation, because after the technical laboratory, it was the turn of the styling office to intervene in the design. It is, it has to be said, quite elegant and characterised by racy lines, each of the three elements cased in brushed aluminium with a band of blue glass hiding the main controls and display.

STR-LSA 1 Amp/Tuner
- Electronics stemming in part from the E9000ES,
- Advanced impulse conversion allowing for the suppression of distortion normally found on D/A converters,
- Frequency Response - 7Hz-30000Hz,
- Power transistors for strong current guaranteeing 2 x 50 watts under 8 ohms,
- RDS AM/FM Tuner with 30 pre-set channels.

MDS-LSA 1 MD Player
- Simple construction complete with power supply and mechanism.
- MDLP function – almost 320 minutes’ recording time possible on an 80 minute disc,
- Rapid copy mode – CD to MD (20 mins to record a CD to MD),
- ATRAC3 Encoding,
- Signal/Noise ratio - 100 dB.

CDP-LSA 1CD Audio Player
- Perfect synchronisation with the MD via the I-link connection,
- CD Text function with display of the artists’ name,
- Signal/Noise ratio - 100 dB.

All these units are currently available for sale and delivered with one sole and unique cable – the I-link, as well as their own remote control the size of a credit card.
Recommended Retail Price for the whole system: 1980 Euros...