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IFA 2011: Philips DesignLine tilting TVs

September 09, 2011 — Article

Philips has revealed its new range of DesignLine tilting TVs.

Philips DesignLine
*Philips DesignLine *

The range includes two models: the Edge and the Tilt. The full HD Edge comes in 32 and 42in flavours and includes

most of Philips’ recent TV technologies including Ambilight and Easy 3D. The clever bit is that the set tilts back by up

to six degrees so you can vary the angle of your viewing.

Easy 3D is a passive 3D technology requiring polarised 3D glasses which are less expensive than the active, battery-

operated variety.

The Edge can be joined by a matching SoundHub home cinema system, which features the same tilting mechanism as

the TV and includes full HD 3D Blu-ray, built-in Wi-Fi, video-on-demand services from Smart TV, a built-in iPod/iPhone

dock and titanium tweeters.

The Tilt meanwhile comes in 26 and 22in varieties and does without Ambilight, though it can still tilt back by up to ten


It’s HD-Ready rather than full HD and includes two HDMI ports as well as an integrated MPEG-4 tuner

for HD reception without a set top box.

Both models will be available later this year, but there’s no word yet on prices.

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